SELLUSGOLD.CA pays top value for your estate, broken or unwanted gold items. We differ from traditional 'gold-by-mail' companies in the following manner:



We pay in cash, immediately. You leave with money in hand.

You need to send in the gold, wait for valuation and wait for a cheque to arrive.


We purchase any value of gold from 1 gram to several kilos - and you get our best price for any quantity large or small.

Have minimum quantities to receive best pricing (one site asks for more than half a pound of gold before offering competitive prices).

Precious Stones:

We pay for quality diamonds.

Do not pay for diamonds - this means a $1000 ring could melt for as little as $20 because the value was in the diamond not the gold.


We use digital scales accurate to 1/100th of a gram - you see what your items weigh.

Weights are rounded using lower quality scales.


The testing and valuation process is transparent and done with you there. Offers are no-obligation and there is no pressure to sell.

Your gold is thousands of miles away at an undisclosed location being tested by strangers. And you trust the mail to get it there with only $100 of insurance protecting you.


Our member stores have decades of experience in the jewellery purchasing field.

Fly-by-night companies opened within the last two years to capitalize on the market.


We are partnered with the local police in reducing the sale of stolen items. All transactions are reported to the police. Member stores belong to the Better Business Bureau.

Purchase with no questions asked, no reporting to police and have frequent complaints regarding business practices.

Sell Us Gold!